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Understanding Post-Processing: The Video Series

Making the Most of Your Images in Adobe Lightroom 5

by Mitchell Kanashkevich

Bring Out the Full Potential of Your Photographs!

No matter how strong the composition, how dramatic the moment or how interesting the subject in the viewfinder, a potentially great photo never shines until it is post-processed with knowledge. Click and drag the slider on the images below to see what a difference good post-processing makes.

Himalayan-Horsemen-01 Himalayan-Horsemen-02

Landscape-01 Landscape-02

Sadhu-01 Sadhu-02

Church-01 Church-02

Learn Lightroom 5 and Save Time.

Understanding Post-Processing is a unique educational tool. You learn through action, by working on the 10 provided RAW files and following the steps in the 10 video tutorials. Every important technique is illuminated in more depth through the 52 additional examples that are de-constructed in the videos.

The knowledge you’ll gain will save you countless hours. There’s a decade’s worth of the author’s own trial, error and evolution has been packed into these videos.

About the Author

Mitchell Kanashkevich is a travel/documentary photographer and the Co-Creator of Eyevoyage.

Mitchell’s work has appeared in magazines such as National Geographic Traveler, Vanity Fair, Lonely Planet Traveler, Geographical UK and has made its way into private photo collections around the world.

Mitchell attributes a large part of his success to his thorough knowledge and understanding of post-processing.
Learn Lightroom 5

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We’re confident that the videos will be a useful tool in your growth as a photographer. If you don’t feel that you’ve learned and improved after you’re done watching and working on the images, email us and we’ll refund you, no questions asked, within 2 full months.

What’s Included?

10 RAW images to get you practicing right away.

10 in-depth video tutorials on how to post-process every RAW image.

52 more photo examples (inside the videos).

Nearly 3 total hours of original, jargon-free educational video material.

A special focus on learning not only the How? but the Why?

Video Examples

Click on a thumbnail and watch examples taken directly out of Understanding Post-Processing Video Series.

Real Testimonials

Many photographers wouldn’t dare show their unprocessed images, let alone hand out their RAW files. Mitchell shows you how easy it is to turn a flat looking RAW file into a dynamic image that really pops. I don’t know of any other photographer offering anything this valuable.


Tom Bourdon

Mitchell is not afraid of showing the secrets behind his inspiring photos. These videos go beyond the usual post-processing tips & tricks you might see elsewhere. You get a real set of tools to help your photography take off. No doubt these ideas are useful for software other than LR.

Mitchell is one of those rare photographers that manages to combine an incredible talent for imagery with an awesome ability to teach his methods in a simple, practical way. Understanding-Post Processing is one of the most enlightening video tutorials I have seen to date.

More Real Testimonials

It has totally transformed my Adobe Lightroom skills. You take a relaxed, non-threatening approach which is so refreshing, and you pace the learning exceptionally well, making it very easy to absorb new techniques. – Mike Mackay

I’ve watched it over the last few days and it has transformed the way I work with my images. It feels like I was walking around with a sledge hammer and now have a tool chest. – Lee Gerstein

Like it…I LOVE IT!  I’ve already seen such an improvement in my post processing.  I can’t thank you enough for sharing your personal techniques; I can’t imagine that too many people would do that. – Millie Rodriguez

Is Understanding Post-Processing for You?

Yes, If You:

Feel that your images don’t reach their full potential due to post-processing.

Desire to create photos that reflect what you saw and felt.

Aim to have your photos look lively, dynamic and punchy.

Are looking for the right balance between under and over processing.

Want to understand not only the How? but the Why? behind post-processing.

Prefer to learn Lightroom 5 in a practical, hands-on way.

Want to know how a pro-photog post-processes images for world-renowned publications.

Invest In Knowledge

Understanding Post-Processing is all about equipping you with the tools to get the most out of your photographs. If you’re even half-serious about your photography, the question is not whether you should post-process your images, it’s how effectively can you post-process them.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I purchase the Understanding Post-Processing Video Series package?

Simply click the Start Watching button. You will be directed to the purchasing page. If you have a discount code, introduce it. Otherwise simply select Check Out and enter your billing information.

How do I receive the Understanding Post-Processing Video series package?

After you purchase, you will be automatically redirected to a page from where you can download the RAW images. You will also receive an email shortly after the purchase (usually within 1-2 minutes). This email will contain the link to the videos and the password to download/watch them. There will also again be a link to download the RAW images, in case you didn’t manage the first time.

How do I watch the videos?

You can watch them online, inside of your browser on a device of your choice or you can download them (STRONGLY ENCOURAGED for best playback) and watch them off-line. To download it’s best to right click and choose “Save as”. We recommend Quicktime Player because it seems to have the most correct colour reproduction. However, almost any other popular players will do the job too.

Is the videos series only for Lightroom 5?

You can use a lot of the techniques with earlier versions of Lightroom and with earlier Adobe Camera RAW in Photoshop (and there are mentions of how to do this). Adobe Camera RAW 8.0 has identical features to Lightroom 5.The concepts can also be applied with other software packages. However, to truly get the most out of the video series, Lightroom 5 is recommended.

Are the techniques only for travel photos?

Not at all. The knowledge obtained from this video series can be applied to absolutely any genre of photography. You’l be able to see that this is the case fairly soon after you start watching.